Institute for medical Cosmetology, Vienna

Seven good reasons

Going by what we believe and our patients' feedback, the great success of KIRA KENNING treatments rests on seven principles:

  1. We take the time to inform you and to thoroughly advise you. Your first consultation (advisory conversation) is free of charge.
  2. We always recommend the treatment which is right and best for you and not the one that's best for us. Besides, each first consultation and each single treatment is carried out personally by Mrs Bergmann, the institute founder.
  3. We keep what we promise because we only do what we are experts in!
  4. Clarity and transparency: well-tried, reliable and gentle treatments backed up by experience and knowhow. No "fashionable" methods. No experimenting. No unnecessary and expensive treatments. No unexpected additional costs.
  5. We apply the latest medical-cosmetological findings and developments (f.e. four highly effective methods developed and exclusively offered by KIRA KENNING: SkinLift, Hyalonic, SynSkin and Hyalift treatments for a clear lifting of face contours and instantly visible reduction of wrinkle depth).
  6. Our line of highly elaborate KIRA KENNING Products is specifically made to effectively support our treatments. That means high concentration of active substances geared to medical-cosmetological applications.
  7. Reasonable prices known in advance.

These 7 priciples have contributed to our reputation and leading position, in conformity with our motto:

Competent and effective treatments need not be extremely expensive !

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