Institute for medical Cosmetology, Vienna

Hyaluronic acid:  With a gentle lifting you'll achieve ...

>  a healthier, younger and smoother skin
>  a lifting of your face contours

Originally, hyaluronic acid was isolated from the glass body of cattle eyes. Later it was produced by extraction from cockscombs and also from bacteria cultures. Today, it's a high-quality and highly effective biotechnological product.

This naturally in our human body occurred "biopolymer" is not only performing important functions in our eyes and joints. Especially in our skin hyaluronic acid forms an essential component of the connective tissue, because it is possessed of the unique ability to bind (and store) large quantities of water relative to its mass: several liters of water per gram hyaluronic acid!

Water is pressure-resistant and therefore its existence in the connective tissue is a precondition for taut and smooth skin. A significant characteristic of skin aging is the decline of moisture leading to a strong decrease of firmness and elasticity. The skin is getting flabby and wrinkling is rapidly increasing. This has its reason in the age-related natural reduction of hyaluronic acid. Skin low in hyaluronic acid can only bind small quantities of water, the very ingredient that makes our skin appear taut, smooth and youthful. But we can supply the skin with hyaluronic acid !

Until recently, in order to achieve a substantial reduction of wrinkle depth, we were only able to inject hyaluronic acid substances into the deeper layers of the skin by means of hypodermic needles. Areas covered were small.

Today, in the KIRA KENNING Institute we apply the gentle and absolutely painless Hyalonic technique: employing pulsed current (Iontophoresis) we infiltrate highly effective ionized hyaluronic acid products into the deeper layers of the skin. In this way we can treat the total of your facial skin and not just single small wrinkles. The skin is getting more taut and youthful, small wrinkles and lines diminish and the skin is getting smooth and elastic.

Proper use of Hyalift Gel plus:

According to type and condition of skin KIRA KENNING Hyalift Gel plus is to be applied once or twice daily.