Institute for medical Cosmetology, Vienna

Special wrinkle treatments

Wrinkles are not just wrinkles. There are many types of them. There is skin with a strong wrinkling tendency. Matured skin with only tiny wrinkles. Sun-damaged skin. Skin harmed by external agents. Wrinkles caused by dry skin and bad blood flow. Wrinkling caused by hormonal deficit. The list could be continued.

On the basis of your specific skin condition ("skin picture") and allowing for your personal preferences we recommend those treatments that will be appropriate and best for you. In any case, you'll benefit from the comprehensive experience of the institute founder, who will thoroughly advise you and will personally carry out each single treatment.

In concrete terms, we offer you the following treatments:

(some treatments can even be well combined)

>  Skinlift treatment for an instantly visible, effective face-lift
>  Hyalonic treatment for a clear lifting of face contours
>  SynSkin treatment for an instantly visible wrinkle depth reduction
>  Hyalift treatment wrinkle depth reduction without needle
>  Hormone cosmetology for strengthening the skin
>  AntiAging treatment against skin aging
>  Fruit Acid peeling for reduction of wrinkle depth

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