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Your skin and the seasons

Recommendations for winter season

Effective skin care at home

For skin much needing regenerating (sun-damaged skin, skin tending to wrinkling) I can recommend the following KIRA KENNING products: AHA Creams (contain fruit acid) and Antiaging Creams / Antiaging Serum (contain highly dosed vitamins A, E und C as well as Coenzyme Q10). Based on latest scientific findings the regular application of these highly elaborate products can decisively slow down and delay the skin aging process and visibly improve skin condition.

"Magic cure" before an important appointment ?

You have an important appointment to keep but not enough time for a treatment? In this very case I recommend the following: apply anti-aging mask to your well-cleansed face, neck and décolleté and let it take effect for about 20 minutes. Wash it off and apply now anti-aging serum. You will be amazed how quickly you were able to give your skin such wonderfully refreshed and radiant looks.

What you can do against dry and irritated skin

Constant hot and cold baths of overheated rooms and cold air outside irritate your skin so that it gets weary, dull and dry. But there's quick and effective help: apply once a week the mild, non-drying KIRA KENNING Peeling and in addition once or twice a week Vitamin Mask. Your skin will get resistant and lithe.

With beautiful, refreshed and firm skin into spring?  Gentle peelings will make it possible !

A very popular and gentle method to improve and enhance the appearance of the skin is the Fruit Acid Peeling. Several harmful external agents like dry and/or cold air get to our skin and despite permanent information via mass media we keep exposing our skin much too often and much too long to bright sunlight. All that is highly detrimental to the elastine and collagene skin fibers which thereby are much more rapidly reduced. Result: she skin gets dry and flabby.

Against this we must and can take effective action! Skin that is treated with fruit acid peelings at regular intervals will literally get back its radiant looks! Fruit acid peelings strongly stimulate the regeneration of elastine and collagene skin fibers and your skin recovers firmness, fresh color and vigor.

Treatments are painless and need little time. On the basis of expert knowledge and years of relevant experience the professional application of fruit acid is assured and the feared reddenings in the face will not appear. Incidentally, fruit acid peelings are not only effective with flabby, limp and wrinkled skin. They show excellent results in improving big-porous skin and skin tending to spots and blackheads.

Recommendations for summer season

Don't ever forget that your skin will never forget !

Brightness and warmth of the sun have an incredibly positive effect on our mental state and our enjoyment of life, but unfortunately not on our skin. Our skin is not forgetting anything and "stores" any disorder, any reddening and any sunburn. What is not yet visible in one's youth will later cause early skin aging. The more sunburns (especially during youth) the higher the danger of skin cancer.

But sun and a beautiful, healthy skin need not be a contradiction.

Therefore, be reasonable and careful when sunbathing and avoid sunburn at all costs. No sunbathing without proper sunscreens with high UVA and UVB factors! (UVA radiation causes tanning and early skin aging, UVB radiation causes sunburn and fosters the development of skin cancer. Only reasonable exposure to sun rays can inhibit or reduce early skin aging with its inevitable effects: flabby and weak skin lacking elasticity, strong wrinkling, pigmentation marks, age spots.

A well-prepared an properly enriched skin is much more resistant against damaging caused by exposure to sunrays. Therefore, my recommendation for normal, dry and matured skin:

>  Right after each sun exposure apply a quality moisturing mask or a highly dosed vitamin mask to your face, your neck and your décolleté. This will effectively support and foster the regeneration of your skin.

Acne and the sun are no good friends, but there's help ...

What happens when you expose your acne-ridden or blackheads-prone skin to the sun? Sunrays, sand and suntan lotions favor the tendency towards inflammations. Basically, acne reacts in two different ways to sunlight. Reaction No. 1: with the beginning of sunbathing the condition of the skin gets instantly essentially worse. Reaction No. 2: initially the skin improves its visual appearance, but after the holiday the skin literally "explodes" and shows severe and acute inflammations.

I recommend you three preventive measures:

  1. A Deep Cleansing Treatment before you go on holiday
  2. No excessive but reasonable, gentle sunbathing. Apply specific sun protection (sun gel for acne is just ideal) and do proper skin care after sunbathing. It is very important to carefully wash off any sun gel or suntan lotion and to apply special care creams for acne afterwards.
  3. A Deep Cleansing Treatment right after returning from holiday.

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