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You needn't put up with acne or acne scars any longer !

Acne is one of the most frequent skin diseases. Its degree of severity reaches from a few scattered blackheads to severe acute inflammatory acne with thick and painful pustules. But these days you don't have to suffer from acne any more. On the basis of the latest medical-cosmetological findings and years of practical experience in the KIRA KENNING Institute we can assure you that acne is quickly and lastingly curable.

The lasting cure of acne is a matter for experts

One thing is for certain: the lasting cure of acne is a matter for the experts. We belong to this circle as we have treated a large number of patients with utmost success. So you can take our word for it: we will cure your acne because the ideal cooperation of a specialist dermatologist with an experienced and medical-cosmetologically trained cosmetician is bound to be successful.

Mrs Bergmann's spectrum of experience is unique in German-speaking Europe: comprehensive expertise in protective cosmetics and medical cosmetology, eight years' work at the Department of Endocrine Dermatology of the University Clinics in Vienna, involvement in a large number of research projects, treatment of a great many patients on medical-cosmetological indications, since 1995 countless successful treatments in her own KIRA KENNING Institute. Dermatologist Dr. Martina Binder worked for almost four years at the Department of Endocrine Dermatology of the University Clinics in Vienna, was active in research and medical care and has been cooperating with the KIRA KENNING Institute from the outset.

Our expertise and your active cooperation will assure your success

The lasting cure of your acne can only be achieved by intensive and individual care, i.e. identifying the causes, appraising skin picture and degree of severity, determining the proper therapy and informing you and explaining to you potential skin reactions so that you are well prepared. Skin picture and progress will be regularly checked. You can and you should contact us at each stage of the treatment period since your active cooperation will contribute essentially to progress and final success of the cure. Once your acne is healed up we'll give you appropriate care instructions to keep up the condition of your now healthy skin.

Medical-cosmetological aftercare will ensure the lasting cure of your acne

The dermatologist's reliable diagnosis and therapy will in almost every case bring the acne to a halt. However, to prevent relapsing and ensure a lasting cure of the acne medical-cosmetological aftercare is imperative, especially subsequent Deep Cleansings. Meanwhile, our view is widely held by ever more dermatologists as we conclude from the growing number of patients referred to us.

We'll treat your acne scars successfully as well

Once your acne is healed up the skin is devoid of inflammations. But often scars remain, especially when the acne at the start of therapy has already existed for a long time or was harmed by "self-treatment" (improper squeezing etc). For the successful treatment of acne scars we have a number of well-tried and effective techniques available, like Fruit Acid Peelings or Iontophoresis Treatments. As all these therapies are gentle you need neither restrict your professional duties nor your social activities.

Start with your therapy in good time !

The sooner you start with  professional acne treatments  the more rapidly your acne can be cured and the greater the chances to prevent scarring.

We look forward to seeing you soon for a one-to-one conversation in our institute. 


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