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Hyalift  treatment

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>  Highly effective treatment of face / neck / décolleté  without needle

(with pulsed current / iontophoresis and hyaluronic acid)

>  Quick skin improvement the gentle way

The deep act technology for wrinkle depth reduction

Hyaluronic acid is known for its unique ability to bind large quantities of water relative to its mass: several liters of water per gram hyaluronic acid! A significant characteristic of skin aging is the decline of moisture because of the age-related natural reduction of hyaluronic acid. But apart from our natural aging there are essential causes of skin aging to be found in our lifestyle: negative stress, smoking, too much sun and unbalanced nutrition. The consequences are visibly deeper small wrinkles, flabby, dry and exhausted skin.

Infiltrating hyaluronic acid - by means of pulsed current - into the deeper layers of the skin leads to a quick skin regeneration, a reduction of wrinkle depth and a remarkable lifting of the skin. The skin is gaining in elasticity and we are achieving a much improved tautness and firmness of the total of the facial skin. 

Hyalift (Iontophoresis) treatments are absolutely painless

Hyalift treatments are an excellent alternative for anybody wanting to avoid aggressive interferences with her/his skin, like Chemical Peelings, Derma-Abrasion or Laser Treatments.

No restrictions during the treatment period

Because of the gentle, non-aggressive treatment technique you need neither restrict your professional duties nor your social activities during the whole treatment period.


Condition of skin

Flabby and dry skin with a tendency to wrinkling (including even skin with very strong wrinkling)

Result of treatment

>  Quick regeneration of the skin, rapid reduction of wrinkle depth

>  Improved skin firmness, quasi a "lifting" effect for the skin

KIRA KENNING products  for maintaining the success of treatment and securing its lasting effect

Hyalift Gel plus (as well as additional KIRA KENNING products according to type of skin, skin condition and aimed-at results, like Rejuvination H-Cream, H-Gel and AHA Creams)