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Any successful treatment has its root in the reliable diagnosis, that is correctly appraising type and specific condition of your skin. Experience proves that no single "skin picture" resembles another one.

>  Thorough knowledge, clinical research experience and years of practice in treating patients  enable Mrs Bergmann to reliably appraise your specific skin picture. Based on this result, we explain to you the recommended treatments, their effect and goals and the foreseeable period of time.

>  Within the scope of this pre-treatment consultation we make an effort to inform you and advise you on all pertinent aspects so that you'll understand why the recommended treatment will be successful and why and in which way your cooperation and proper behavior will greatly contribute to your aimed-at success.

>  This pre-treatment consultation (and each following individual treatment) will be carried out by Mrs Bergmann personally.  Benefit from the comprehensive experience of the institute founder It costs you nothing,

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