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Our institute's motto:

Effective treatments need not be extremely expensive

In 1995 Mrs Bergmann founded the Institute for Medical Cosmetology and since then she has remained true to three principles:

1  Effective treatments

2  Highest medical-cosmetological standards

3  Reasonable prices

Mrs Bergmann's spectrum of experience is unique in German-speaking Europe. Starting out by covering all fields of protective cosmetology she went deeper into the topic and worked for eight years in medical cosmetology at the Department of Endocrine Dermatology of the University Clinics in Vienna. She was involved in a large number of research projects and treated many patients applying latest clinical techniques. Only with such specialist knowledge and comprehensive experience can medical cosmetology responsibly and successfully be practiced!

The institute is run in joint practice with dermatologist Dr. Martina Binder. Mrs Bergmann and Dr. Binder complement one another ideally with their knowhow and years of experience from clinical research and the treatment of patients. This is what you'll benefit from, because we see ourselves as your personal experts with one primary objective:  to substantially improve condition and appearance of your skin and making it more beautiful and healthier.

Your special advantages:

>   First consultation free of charge

>   Each single treatment is carried out by Mrs Bergmann personally